Creston Chiropractic Clinic

During your first visit there are a number of things Dr. King will need to go through with you before developing your unique treatment plan. As a result you should expect your first appointment to take longer than subsequent ones and to include the following:

Brief Paperwork

Once at the office you will be asked to fill out some paperwork with your general information, existing conditions, current ailments, or any auto or work related injuries you have suffered in the past.


Once you’re done filling out this information, Dr. King will sit down with you to discuss any health problems, concerns or questions you may have, as well as the options for treatment and personalized suggestions.

Medical History and Examination

Dr. King will ask you questions related to your medical history and your current condition in order to determine the actual cause of your problem. She then performs a series of tests that help her establish which tissues and muscles need the most attention and the extent to which they are affected.


Sometimes certain conditions require the use of x-rays to assist in the diagnosis or for ruling out more serious conditions. If Dr. King deems it necessary she’ll inform you and provide a referral to a qualified lab.

Same-day Treatment

Once the examination is done and Dr. King has determined an appropriate course of action for your condition, you will receive the first treatment on-site usually during that same visit. Treatments vary and may include chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapies, and/or physical therapies to help with your condition.

Home Instructions

Although on-site chiropractic care is very effective, it wouldn’t be complete without your help. Before leaving, Dr. King will give you instructions on certain procedures or exercises for you to do at home that would help speed up the healing process. This may include the application of hot/cold ointments and creams, specific stretches and exercises, as well as avoiding certain tasks that may aggravate your condition.

Future Appointments

Generally speaking, most patients are seen within 1-2 days of initial treatment during the first week in order to encourage the body to continue healing, as well as allowing Dr. King to effectively gauge the body’s reaction to initial treatment. Future options for treatment and therapies are also discussed during this time.